Skin Barrier Solution

Do you want to address multiple skin concerns? 

You don't need to use many products. 

We propose an all-in-one complex solution line for sensitive you. 

Experience maximum effects with minimal skincare products. 

Derma Limpide Dam Cream 50ml

Derma Super Dam Toner 200ml

Derma Haut Dam Ampoule 30ml, 10ml

pH-balanced Pure&Moisture Cleanser 150ml

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My solver

lead through a good cycle

Moisturizing is the key for 'Anti-aging'

Derma Haut Dam Ampoule's key ingredients help restore skin elasticity and make your skin glow.

Multiple Solution

Increase the strength of the weakened skin barrier.

When the skin barrier breaks down, dryness can be accelerated and the skin can become sensitive.

We focus on creating on environment where the skin grows its natural strength and improves itself. 

 We provide the essential value that helps your skin grow natural strength to protect itself from external factors. 

 The product helps irritation caused by the external factors and soothes sensitive and stressed skin by strengthening the skin barrier.

First touch with the skin

Study the purpose of the toner and stick to the essence.

- Hypoallergenic formula

- Quick soothing care

- Oil and Moist balance

How does healthy skin start?

Moisturizing and Cleansing at the same time.

Sun & Moon Line

How do you care for the overwhelming number one factor of environmental aging, photoaging/thermal aging? 

Sunscreen is preventive. HARAMOON's anti-aging peptide serum is effective for photoaging, improving wrinkles and dryness caused by heat. 

With 8 types of hyaluronic acid moisture base, peptides, vitamins, PDRN, phyto collagen, it simultaneously addresses moisture + whitening + wrinkle improvement. 

Care for your skin from increasingly intense UV rays and rising temperatures. 

Anti-Photoaging Pepti Serum 


Check how effective HARAMOON's anti-aging is for photo and thermal aging with clinical results improving aging and damage to the skin barrier caused by heat. UV rays damage our skin all year round. Comprehensive anti-aging management in the most important winter season. Certified for non-irritation for sensitive skin, completed dermatological testing in Germany, and vegan certified product.